What does music career success look like to you?

The traditional music industry succeeded because of hits.

And those hits made people famous.

Since having hits was the benchmark of success, and fame was almost a guarantor for future hits, a lot of resources were focused on cultivating and perpetuating the image of fame.

And it wasn’t just the record companies who benefited; the press happily leveraged fame to sell their media.

As did advertisers, sponsors and a whole plethora of other associated industries; all suckling merrily on the money-generation of music-based fame.

It worked very well. So well, in fact, that most people consider success in music as being famous; if you’re not famous, you’re not successful.

It’s not their fault; we’ve all been conditioned to by the domination of limited-choice broadcast media.

It’s been easy to lose sight of what music really is – the creative and artistic passion to communicate through song and sound.

Not to be famous, but to be heard and, perhaps, understood.

It’s also been easy to lose sight of what success really means in the music industry, at least in today’s music industry.

Success is subjective, it’s personal; it’s unique to each individual.

Success in music is not fame, though that might be an effect of one’s success.

So, dear reader, try to let go of what you’ve been conditioned to think of as success in the music industry, and the route to get there.

Instead, answer this:

What does success look like to you?

Define it. Refine it. Picture it. Write it down. Refer to it. Remember it.

For THAT is your goal in the new music industry.

And the great news is; there are more ways to get there than ever before.