Don't focus on growing your audience, focus on engagement

There’s something very alluring in having a large number of Likes of your Facebook page.

The same goes for your Twitter following, your Instagram following, your number of YouTube subscribers, etc.

Each social network is great at piling on the pressure that you need a bigger audience.

But be careful that your thirst for quantity doesn’t outweigh quality.

Follower numbers are of little use if you can’t motivate them to take a buying action; whatever that may be, whether it’s to purchase your latest release or simply to watch your new video.

An unengaged audience is useless.

Here, the old adage is very true; quality over quantity.

If you had just 1,000 absolutely dedicated followers, who paid you an average of £30 a year each, you’d have an annual salary of £30k from your music.

That’s both livable and doable.

Focus on making each follower count, rather than counting each follower. Click To Tweet

Don’t worry about getting big numbers, just work on getting those you do have to listen and take action.

If you can get strong engagement, fanbase growth is just a matter of time and perseverance.