Back up all your ideas automatically

Continuing with yesterday’s post on the blindingly obvious need to record everything you do, immediately, here’s a second part:

Back up every idea and song you have. Continuously. And automatically, if possible.

Don’t leave it to chance to “remember” to back up your ideas.

If you’re recording on your phone see if your app has an automatic sync to back up to a cloud storage service.

I’m a Google man, so I use Google Drive for my free cloud storage, but the app I use to record doesn’t autosync, so I have another app, Autosync Google Drive, which lets me backup/sync any Android folder to Google Drive.

If you’re not recording on a phone – for example, you use a portable recorder like the awesome Zoom H4N – make sure you regularly back up the files, not just onto your computer, but to a cloud storage service (e.g. Drive, Dropbox, etc).

(and then ditch it to record ideas with your phone instead, then autosync it)

It’s an exceedingly obvious thing that we all know we should do, but often other things get in the way, and we only realise our mistake when it’s too late and we’ve permanently lost some great ideas (like if you lose you phone, and with it weeks or months of ideas).

Bonus: an added benefit to cloud storage backup; you can access your ideas from any device you can connect to the Internet. So even if you forget your phone when you’re in the studio, or on holiday, you can always find that great idea that you just have to work on right nowat 4amdrunk…. 🙂