Quick Instagram tip to help with your #hashtags

If you use Instagram, here’s a little “best practice” tip for you:

Don’t put a gazillion #hashtags in your post!

It looks confusing at best, desperate at worse.

A pic I took in #Civita, #Calabria, #Italy
with a couple of key tags, sure, #but
#not #every #single #word #that
#you #can #think #of #plus #a
#bunch #of #others #just #in #case

Painful, right?!

Instead, do this:

  1. Make your post as normal, with only a couple of key #hastags if you really want to
  2. Publish it
  3. Go straight back to the published post and hit the “comments” button
  4. Add all your #hastags as a comment (most likely the first comment, if you’re quick enough and don’t have obsessive fans)
  5. Pat yourself on the back for being awesome!

Why do it like this?

Hashtags allow people to find posts by searching for the hashtag term. But Instagram doesn’t distinguish whether that hashtag is on the original post itself, or in the comments section; it still brings it up in search.

By placing it in the comments section you still get the benefit of being able to be found by searches, but you don’t clog up the original post; which means you can make the original post as pretty and engaging as you want, without stressing about hashtags.

And why is putting them in the first comment best?

After you have about three comments the first one disappears behind a “View all X comments” link; only the most recent ones get shown.

This means that when it appears in people’s feeds they don’t see all your hashtags at all, just your original post and the recent comments.

So everything looks pleasing to the eye and you still get found in searches.

Winwin! 🙂