Don’t be a “bits and pieces” writer, be a songwriter

How many unfinished songs do you have?

How many times did you come up with a great riff, verse or chorus, and then leave it sitting around, ready to come back to at “some point in the future”?

When inspiration strikes, you want to grab it immediately.

You also want to trust it to deliver the goods, all the goods.

Next time you have a great idea for a part of a song, keep at it and write the full song, there and then.

Trust in your creativity to help you finish it.

Sometimes it’ll be easy, the other bits will just flow.

Sometimes it’ll be hard, real hard, and nothing’s coming.

But stick at it, get something complete down.

It doesn’t have to be great.

You don’t have to keep it.

You can always change it later.

But there is magic in finishing a song there and then.

And there is a great momentum to be generated when you can finish songs so swiftly.

Soon you’ll have a growing catalogue, not of ideas, but of complete songs.

Sure, you can go back over any of them, change parts; re-do whatever you want.

Nothing’s set in stone; it’s your song, do what you like with it.

But do your best to get it finished first time, when the inspiration comes.

Don’t choke off the creativity by deciding to “finish it later”.

Later you’ll be in a different mood. You’ll feel different. Your life will be different. The song will end up different and, perhaps, the parts won’t quite mesh together, will be less congruent.

Get it done while you can, get it finished.

Don’t let it hang about, another loose end to be tied up.

Ideas alone are worth nothing; finished products have value.

Get in the habit of being a songwriter, not just a “bits and pieces” writer.

Then see how rapidly you improve, not just your song catalogue, but your song craft as well.