Do you take your existing fans for granted?

Getting new fans is exciting.

Often, your focus is on ways to increase the size of your fanbase; tours, new releases, PR, etc.

But what about existing fans?

Do you put the same time and effort in deepening your relationship with them, in delighting them and turning them from the casual fan toward the superfan?

In business, new customer acquisition is often one of the biggest expenses a business has.

It is certainly more expensive to acquire a new customer than to communicate with – and sell to – existing customers.

Likewise with fans.

You’ve already done the hard work to build your fanbase up – mailing list, Facebook following, Twitter audience, etc. – even if it’s “only” a few hundred, or a few thousand people.

How can you improve their experience?

How can you surprise and reward them for already being fans?

It’s easy to overlook what you take for granted.

Someone who has already chosen to follow and support you, to become your fan, is more precious than someone who hasn’t (or has yet to hear of you in the first place).

Make sure you treat them as such!