Could James Bond help your songwriting?

Here’s a quick way of sparking your creativity and generating a different angle for your songwriting:

Write a song from the point-of-view of a character from a film

I like films because it’s easier for me to get a flavour for the sort of lyrical story and song style – since it’s already been realised for the film – but you could use books, comics, plays, whatever works!

Using the character’s personality you can embed them in any situation and immediately find yourself imagining a different outcome – and song – than if you put yourself there.

For example; if I want to write a song about me trying to impress a girl the story might see me being a little unsuccessful (like this song).

But if I imagine I am actually James Bond in that situation then the outcome – and thus my new song – will be totally different.

Or make life more simple; take your character’s scenarios and storyline from the film. Then you’ve even got a ready-made world and narrative.

You don’t have to copy it verbatim, or even make it obvious; you could use it as a springboard to launch a different outcome to the film.

However you use it, thinking like an existing fictional character can be a simple and effective tool to liberate your songwriting from your “usual style” and explore totally new stories.