Maximise the long-term return of your efforts

It takes time and energy to create content.

From short tweets and snaps, through to playing an epic gig or creating a flagship music video, everything you do depletes your finite resources in some way.

So, as much as possible, aim for “evergreen” content, over “disposable ” content.

Evergreen content is something that, once created, can be accessed again at any time in the future, and by anyone you allow, and still be as valid as the day you first created it.

Disposable content, once created, has extremely limited shelf-life, or can only ever be accessed by the private memories of those who originally consumed it.

Playing a gig, or busking, without recording it in some way makes it disposable content.

Social media, like Snapchat, is rife with disposable content.

Not recording yourself jamming out new ideas makes those new ideas disposable content.

Ideally, you want your efforts to accumulate and compound; the more content you create, the more threads you have “out there” to hook potential fans over time.

One piece of work keeps paying back, long after you finished it.

So, consider the content you are creating, in terms of disposable and evergreen, and aim to maximise the longterm benefit of all your efforts by making them as evergreen as possible.

Otherwise, you’ll always feel like you’re running without getting anywhere.