Get a lot better at music in just 5 mins a day

If you’re in music in any kind of creative capacity you’ll benefit from having better “ears”.

One of the cornerstones of musical proficiency is ear-training; the ability to instantly know, and understand, what you are hearing.

With good ear-training singers will sing better. Musicians will play better. Programmers will…well, programme better (you get the idea!).

Most formally taught musicians will have developed this skill to some degree.

But a lot of musicians, especially those who are self-taught (myself included!) have never really studied ear-training as a specific skill.

Sure, we might pick up little bits here and there, but often it is an overlooked area, yet one which can bring profound improvement to all areas of music.

So, for those of you who, like me, would like to improve your aural skills, but don’t know where to start, I’ve got your back!

Here’s a fantastic, free app that I highly recommend:

Functional Ear Trainer (Android)

Functional Ear Trainer (iOS)

Of course, there are many others on the market. Often they have a lot more functionality too and are definitely worth checking out.

But for simplicity, cost and, crucially, effectiveness, I doubt you’ll find anything better.

Like all skills training, however, you get what you put in.

Regular, bite-sized sessions will lead to the greatest and most rapid improvement.

So stick at it, do a little every day (rather than one or two big sessions each week) and you’ll start to see (or, rather, hear…) some wonderful improvements – and wonder how you managed before!