If you perform live you probably want to be doing this

Here’s an idea when performing live:

Have a big banner with a QR code that says something like:

Download our Exclusive 6-Song EP for FREE right NOW by scanning this QR code!

You should also add your band/performer name in big letters above it and put your website below it.

Here are a few reasons why it’s a good idea:

  1. Often people don’t know the name of your act; they either didn’t hear it, misheard it, or don’t remember it. Having a banner with your name plastered on it throughout your performance makes it easy for people to remember you.
  2. If they didn’t get your name, it’s even less likely they’ll have gotten your website details! This way they’ll know where to find you online.
  3. If people take video or photos of your performance, your banner (and thus name and website) will always be there to remind them where to find you.
  4. If people like your music, or are just curious, there is a clear offer for them that they can act on right there and then; scanning the QR code gives them access to your free download before they’ve even left the venue – they could listen to you on the way home!
  5. It potentially saves you from having to try to collect email addresses after the gig; you simply tell people to scan the code (and in doing so, when they get your download, you get their email address). Apart from making it easier, if you’re playing a big gig where it is nearly impossible to get to everyone, this still gives you the chance to capitalise on the opportunity to grow your list.

Of course, your CTA (call to action) on the banner could be something more specific to that particular gig; e.g. “get the live recording of this gig sent to you; scan this QR code now!”. You can get as creative as you like.

The point is to maximise the opportunity to engage with the audience, get their email addresses and benefit from building a relationship that lasts well beyond the time and space of the actual gig.

Plus it scales brilliantly; the bigger the gig the better – it’s a wonder that more acts don’t do it, especially the bigger ones…