If you're not building your email list your wasting a HUGE opportunity

I’ve mentioned a musician’s email list as being their second most important asset (after the actual music itself).

So building up an engaged email list is crucial to your music business (and if you are a modern musician, your music IS your business).

By why email? Why not the million other, often far sexier channels, like Facebook, Snapchat, busking, etc?

There are many reasons why email is so powerful, but as food for thought, here are 9:

  1. Email allows you “one on one” time with you the recipient – free from the ample distractions of other messages and adverts inherent in other channels, such as browsing a social network feed
  2. No third party (e.g. Facebook) will purposely block your email from being received by the majority of your audience unless you pay to “boost” it – your email gets delivered to everyone equally (unless it triggers a spam filter, but best practices and good account management mean over 90% of email gets delivered)
  3. Email allows you add whatever content you want, especially clickable links (i.e. easy action steps for the recipient). This is not always possible on other channels (e.g. live at a gig, on some social networks like Instagram, etc)
  4. You get to choose the time and day your email will be delivered and thus when it will be seen and actioned – most email opens/clicks occur in the first hour after they are delivered
  5. You can personalise an email to each recipient – e.g. with their name, from an action they’ve taken, etc, which has been shown to significantly increase response
  6. You can automate emails – e.g. with Mailchimp, when a person subscribes to your list, it could trigger a series of pre-written, pre-scheduled emails, to be delivered to them over any given period
  7. Email allows you to continually communicate directly with the recipient, over a long-term period – you could send them an email a week for years and years – which helps build a deeper relationship and significantly increases the chance that they will transact with you at some point
  8. Email can reach anyone, anywhere at any time, regardless of what social networks they normally use – you could schedule to send to someone in Russia whilst you sleep – which is not possible via offline channels (e.g. busking)
  9. Sending email can be free (e.g. Gmail or Mailchimp‘s free account)

This is why the humble email still offers the best ROI (return-on-investment) for any marketing channela 3,800% ROI! (i.e. for every £1 spent, it brings in £38)

Now, I’m not saying that simply having someone’s email address and spending £1 on it will magically put £38 in your pocket! But I am saying that, if grown, cultivated and used correctly, your email list can generate significant revenue for you, as well as open up markets, revenue streams and opportunities you’d have struggled to find via any other method.

But if you don’t take the appropriate steps to build your email list, you’re completely wasting this huge opportunity to build your global fanbase and, most importantly, get paid for your music.

Seems kinda silly not to, right?! 🙂