Why are you using THAT social network?

Be careful on which social network you devote time building your audience and promoting your music.

Often you’re told to “be everywhere” as “You never know where fans are going to discover you, so best to cover all bases…

This is not good advice.

According to this Wikipedia article (which states that it is by no means exhaustive), there are currently 207 better-known, active social media networks.

Whereas some might not be suitable (e.g. ones tailored for mainland Chinese), it still leaves a lot of ground to cover, if you are going to be “everywhere”.

Moreover, not all social networks will offer the same benefits, in exchange for your valuable time and effort.

You’re also often advised to be on the current trendiest platform because you “need to get in there before everyone else does“, or that it’s where “everyone is going right now“.

This is not good advice.

People like novelty. There’ll always be something new that people will flock to.

But people also get bored very easily and will move on to the next novelty just as quickly.

Look for established platforms that have shown resilience and evolved to the changing habits of users and technology.

When considering/using a social network, ask yourself these five key questions:

    1. Do I personally like this network?
      (e.g. would/do I use it personally, not just for promoting/marketing?)
    2. What is the one key advantage this network has over the others, and am I going to be maximising it with my efforts?
      (e.g. Facebook is the biggest of all networks for shares, YouTube for search, etc)
    3. Can my efforts be leveraged on it to drive traffic and action elsewhere?
      (e.g. can I send people from the network to my website to sign-up for my mailing list?)
    4. Can I leverage my efforts elsewhere to automatically generate content on this network?
      (e.g. can I write a blog post and have it auto-posted to the network?)
    5. Are my content efforts going to accumulate effectiveness, or are they transient?
      (i.e. does it allow search and discovery of evergreen content, or is it disposable, gone tomorrow stuff)

A better understanding of the function and strength of a platform – and how you would use it to your best advantage – might save you a lot of wasted time in learning and using a platform that is really not of particular benefit to your long-term marketing efforts.

It is better to be on a few key platforms – and be very active and engaged on them – than to try to cover too many, at the risk of seriously diluting your efforts.

Your time is too valuable to be wasted on chasing fads, trends and unproductive platforms.