1 Rapid Hack To Get Your Songwriting Flowing

If you’re a songwriter, here’s an idea;

Keep a list of potential song titles.

Nothing fancy, just a simple list of titles.

(I use Google Keep for mine)

You could overhear a particular phrase in someone’s conversation.

Perhaps a street sign might spark a title.

I was on the bus passing an office block late one night and saw a lone girl in the upper window;

The Girl in the Window” I thought, could be a good title.

(never mind that it reminds somewhat of “The Girl on the Train“, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo“, etc!)

The point is to give you a springboard for developing ideas, not necessarily the actual finished song title.

For me, “The Girl in the Window” opens out so many questions;

Who is she?

Why is she in the window?

Why is she the only one in the window of an office block at this time?

This kind of questioning can help bring you down a songwriting road you’ve not explored before, something off your usual beaten (and frequently visited) track.

It’s also a great jumping-off point for a collaboration with other songwriters.

Rather than starting up a new co-writing session with “Gee, what should we write about?”, then grabbing a cup of tea and making random small talk, your list is an immediate conversation starter.

Especially for the other person; they’ve not heard those titles before and, equally importantly, they have no context or frame of reference for their origination.

They bring no baggage with them, just potential.

I know where and when I saw the girl in the window, and that will likely colour my story angle.

But my writing partner, just reading from a list of random titles, doesn’t have that background info; they’ll make their own associations and connotations and that might well bring you into a totally new place that, as a songwriter, you’ve never explored before.

Songwriting is an art.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t hone and improve your craft; the more tools you’ve got at your disposal, the more likely you’ll find just the one for each situation.